Mark Cruver – Strike the Perfect Balance Between Your Work and Life

Mark Cruver works with many professionals on aspects of their lives they can improve to enjoy career success. One of the issues that many working professionals grapple with is finding a work-life balance. Technology has made people more accessible, but with this ease, more people find themselves taking work home. Job insecurity creates a need to work longer shifts, and the stress of a long day can make it difficult to find peace.

Mark Cruver (26)

Finding the right balance between work and life means different things to each individual, but the following tips can help you strike that balance.

Say no to perfectionism
In your younger years, striving towards a perfect outcome may have been reasonable because there weren’t many demands on your time. At such an age, it’s easier to work towards being perfect, but as you grow older, you have more responsibilities to think about. Perfectionism is no longer a goal. Presenting quality results should be.

Find time to unwind
From being able to work from home and having applications that make work simpler, technology has its advantages in the modern world. However, it’s also brought about the expectation that there’s really no off day. Constant email and other notifications make it seem like the day never ends.

If you find yourself thinking about work even when you shouldn’t, it’s time to unplug and find better ways of relaxing. Start by switching off the phone while with family, and engage more in outdoor or physical activity to get your mind off work.

Mark Cruver is a career and college consultant at Capstone Educational Consultants. He established the business in 2012 as a way to help the local community with its college application needs.


Mark Cruver – How to Go About Choosing a Career You Like

Ask any fourth grader what career they would like to pursue and chances are you will get plenty of answers – lawyer, doctor, nurse, soldier, fireman. If you move on up to high school students, they will probably have a couple of options to provide. At the college level, a student might be pursuing a specific major, but it’s possible that some will tell you they are not sure of their career path.

Mark Cruver
If you want to settle into a career you’ll find satisfying, here’s how to go about it.


Every individual is different. We all have different aspirations, values, interests and talents. Determine what you like and are good at, and start from this personal assessment. Students who engage career counselors like Mark Cruver benefit by having a knowledgeable professional guide them through the process.

List potential careers

After assessing your strengths and weaknesses, it should be clear which types of careers you are best suited for. It’s not possible to go after each, so the list helps you narrow down to the most suitable options. Take the time to learn about each option, and collect as many details about each career option as you can.

Make adjustments

After you’ve learned about each career, eliminate those that don’t interest you anymore. You essentially want to narrow down to two options so you can better focus your goals to making either of them work for you. Depending on the career you choose, it will likely require training. At this point, it will be easier to choose a college course based on what you’ve identified on as a suitable career to pursue.

Mark Cruver has worked as an independent educational consultant since starting Capstone Educational Consultant.