The Legacy of Mark Cruver

It is often a dream of people to be remembered. Many are, but what they are remembered for is the big question. Some are remembered for leaving a good imprint on the world, having touched lives in positive ways that bring the good out in people. Mark Cruver is one of those people.

Mark Cruver

He has positively impacted thousands of lives in ways that will influence them into the future. Touching people’s lives is something that seems to come naturally to some people, and he is certainly no exception. His Myer-Brigs assessment certainly shows just how naturally he is able to connect with people and help them find their own strengths and weaknesses in order to better understand the best path for them.

With over twenty years of experience helping thousands of people find their path in life, Mr. Cruver has certainly made his mark on the world. With his numerous degrees and certifications, he has gained the knowledge and experience to greatly enhance his own abilities to help those around him. On top of these, he has even won an award from the North American Coalition of Christian Admissions Professionals, or NACCAP.

This award was in recognition of the great service he has done with so many young minds and their families. His company, Capstone Educational Consultants, will likely be his greatest achievement, having brought his talent to more than ever before. Truly Mark Cruver has left his mark on many people, and will continue to do so in the future.


Mark Cruver Has the Know-How

When guiding young minds on the right path, Mark Cruver uses his complete qualification and certification to ensure that the process is done correctly. The leaders of the future need to be sure they are on the best path to fit their strengths and happiness as an individual. This type of precision requires excellent knowledge and the experience necessary to make these kinds of judgements.

Mark Cruver

Mr. Cruver easily meets and exceeds the qualifications for this type of work. He possesses multiple degrees and certifications from numerous and respected universities and organizations. These include an Independent Educational Consultant Certificate, Myer-Briggs Type Indicator Certificate, and a masters of education.

While his educational background is very impressive, he possesses the experience to go along with it. Thanks to him, thousands of students and families have been helped in finding the best school or career path, based on the knowledge gained from special assessments. Overall, he commands over twenty years of experience in helping and consulting with students and families.

An individual such as Mark Cruver, is one that you definitely want in your corner when it comes to making choices about school or career. With his knowledge and experience, many bright futures were illuminated and made clear to the young minds ready to go out into the world. This kind of work must be handled delicately and compassionately, as deciding what path to take requires more than an instructor, but also a friend.

Mark Cruver – Provides Meritorious Guidance

Mark Cruver is founder of Capstone Educational Consultants. His support and guidance to families and their children in the education system is extremely meritorious. For ten years he served in the admissions department of Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee. This experience affords him the knowledge and expertise needed to successfully help students gain entrance into colleges that best suit their goals and future journeys in life.

Mark Cruver

Just as a young athlete values the input and guidance of a personal trainer, a college bound high school student puts great value on Mr. Cruver’s personalized and professional guidance in the college enrollment process. His guidance provides them with a distinct road map when they find themselves at a 4-way intersection in life. The best path to take at a crossing in life is not always the most obvious, and this is where his expertise and guidance comes into play.

He is able to turn on the light for students after administering assessment tests such as the Strong Interest Inventory, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and DiSC Profile. By expertly analyzing the results of these aforementioned tests, he is able to properly lead them in the right direction to the perfect matched career. The Do What You Are evaluation helps each student realize their own true destiny and what education goals should be set in motion.

Mark Cruver provides each potential college student with answers to their questions regarding the “how” the “why” and the “why not” of each college they are considering to attend.

Mark Cruver – The Importance of Corporate Leadership

Leadership is an important component in a corporate environment. Mark Cruver was the human resource manager with Frank Cawood & Associates, Inc. in Peachtree City, Georgia. He was responsible for maintaining accurate personnel records for all employees. He played a major role in the hiring process as well. He helped create a strong corporate environment and he helped develop leadership within his company. Corporate leadership is important for many different reasons.

Mark Cruver

Corporate leadership can help keep a company organized. Leaders may be able to oversee a department, or various departments. This responsibility involves keeping everything organized and running smoothly. A strong leader can encourage others to improve their skills, knowledge, and work ethic.

Leadership in a corporate environment can help young professionals advance their careers. Leadership may include mentorship programs. This style of training could help young professionals excel in their career, which could improve the company overall.

Leadership can help a company grow and improve. It can be important to have several strong leaders within a corporation. Leaders can help departments within a company develop. These professionals may also be able to improve the efficiency of operations.

Many corporations are large and are comprised of several departments. Leadership can help keep these departments organized and operating efficiently. Cruver has experience in the educational system and in the corporate world. He worked as a human resources manager between 2005 and 2012. Mark Cruver has a strong understanding of corporate environment. He has helped execute staff development programs and he has counseled employees.

Mark Cruver – Find the Right College

Picking a college can be a difficult task for high school students. Mark Cruver has years of experience with the higher education admission process. He is an independent educational consultant in Fayetteville, Georgia. He works with students and their parents to help them find the right college for their needs. There are thousands of colleges throughout the world that young students can choose from.


A great tip for picking the right college is to consider what you want to study. Not all young students know exactly what they want to do after they graduate from college. However, many have a general idea of what they want to study. This can be a great starting point when it comes to finding the right college. It can be helpful to focus on schools that have strong programs in the fields you wish to study. For example, if you are interested in mathematics, it can be helpful to visit schools that are known for their mathematics department.

Another tip for finding the right college is to visit a variety of schools. Campus tours can help students determine if the college is a good fit for them. These tours also provide prospective students with information. They can meet with campus officials and learn about life on campus. Cruver used to provide information to prospective students at Bryan College. He worked as a recruiter for several years as well. Mark Cruver has years of experience in education. He enjoys helping students find the right college and build their futures.

Mark Cruver – Strike the Perfect Balance Between Your Work and Life

Mark Cruver works with many professionals on aspects of their lives they can improve to enjoy career success. One of the issues that many working professionals grapple with is finding a work-life balance. Technology has made people more accessible, but with this ease, more people find themselves taking work home. Job insecurity creates a need to work longer shifts, and the stress of a long day can make it difficult to find peace.

Mark Cruver (26)

Finding the right balance between work and life means different things to each individual, but the following tips can help you strike that balance.

Say no to perfectionism
In your younger years, striving towards a perfect outcome may have been reasonable because there weren’t many demands on your time. At such an age, it’s easier to work towards being perfect, but as you grow older, you have more responsibilities to think about. Perfectionism is no longer a goal. Presenting quality results should be.

Find time to unwind
From being able to work from home and having applications that make work simpler, technology has its advantages in the modern world. However, it’s also brought about the expectation that there’s really no off day. Constant email and other notifications make it seem like the day never ends.

If you find yourself thinking about work even when you shouldn’t, it’s time to unplug and find better ways of relaxing. Start by switching off the phone while with family, and engage more in outdoor or physical activity to get your mind off work.

Mark Cruver is a career and college consultant at Capstone Educational Consultants. He established the business in 2012 as a way to help the local community with its college application needs.

Mark Cruver – How to Motivate a Team

In any work setting, employees require motivation in order to work towards the accomplishment of corporate goals. While money is a good enough motivator, it’s not the only one. Career development professional Mark Cruver has interacted with many professionals who seek his expertise in finding out their strengths and limitations. Some of the motivating issues that people respond well to include the following:

Mark Cruver

Clear goals and objectives

When you are clear about what you want to accomplish, it’s much easier to make these objectives a priority and work towards achieving them. Individuals who know what is required of them can set smaller weekly goals that keep them motivated towards the bigger picture.

Leadership opportunities

Once in a while, let employees take the lead roles on projects. It communicates to them that they are valued. Additionally, give team members a chance to share their opinions in meetings and group settings. People are more motivated to share what they know when there’s a feeling of trust.

Public recognition

Taking the time to recognize and applaud an employee for work well done is a big confidence booster. The praise should be sincere and genuine, and can possibly take place in front of peers. While some people might be shy to the public praise, many individuals will appreciate that you noticed their efforts.

Self-development opportunities

Your team is more valuable to the company when you provide individuals with the opportunities to develop their skills. Provide the training they require to become more knowledgeable about their roles.

Mark Cruver is a certified practitioner of various personality and leadership programs, including DiSC® and Strong Interest Inventory®.

Mark Cruver – How to Go About Choosing a Career You Like

Ask any fourth grader what career they would like to pursue and chances are you will get plenty of answers – lawyer, doctor, nurse, soldier, fireman. If you move on up to high school students, they will probably have a couple of options to provide. At the college level, a student might be pursuing a specific major, but it’s possible that some will tell you they are not sure of their career path.

Mark Cruver
If you want to settle into a career you’ll find satisfying, here’s how to go about it.


Every individual is different. We all have different aspirations, values, interests and talents. Determine what you like and are good at, and start from this personal assessment. Students who engage career counselors like Mark Cruver benefit by having a knowledgeable professional guide them through the process.

List potential careers

After assessing your strengths and weaknesses, it should be clear which types of careers you are best suited for. It’s not possible to go after each, so the list helps you narrow down to the most suitable options. Take the time to learn about each option, and collect as many details about each career option as you can.

Make adjustments

After you’ve learned about each career, eliminate those that don’t interest you anymore. You essentially want to narrow down to two options so you can better focus your goals to making either of them work for you. Depending on the career you choose, it will likely require training. At this point, it will be easier to choose a college course based on what you’ve identified on as a suitable career to pursue.

Mark Cruver has worked as an independent educational consultant since starting Capstone Educational Consultant.