Mark Cruver – A Man that Provides a Clear-Cut Plan

Mark Cruver earned his master’s degree in College Student Affairs from Azusa Pacific University. Four years later he was given the 2004 Regional Service Award by the North American Coalition for Christian Admissions Professionals. His efforts in successfully providing guidance to college-bound students have not gone unnoticed.]

Mark Cruver

Mr. Cruver encourages the uniqueness of each student and aids in strengthening their ability to reach their educational goals. Through his company, Capstone Educational Consultants, families and students find the needed support and guidance to execute successful college applications.

By taking an avid interest in each student’s abilities, Mr. Cruver is able to learn detailed information about each individual and give them a keen “eye’s mind view” of the college choices that would best suit their needs. Unlike an educational advisor from a specific college, he is an independent educational consultant, so he serves as an impartial advisor. He advises which college would be the best match for the individual student to reach their full potential in their career goals.

Mark Cruver’s extensive education and great knowledge of the educational system affords him the ability to strategically provide solutions in the complex procedures of college enrollment. Families have returned to him for advice time and time again. Testimonials from his clients are proof that he provides a remarkably valued service to their children. “Mark is a valuable resource with my daughter’s application to college,” said a parent of a McIntosh High School student in 2014. “We will use him for my other two daughters.”