Mark Cruver – A Man that Provides a Clear-Cut Plan

Mark Cruver earned his master’s degree in College Student Affairs from Azusa Pacific University. Four years later he was given the 2004 Regional Service Award by the North American Coalition for Christian Admissions Professionals. His efforts in successfully providing guidance to college-bound students have not gone unnoticed.]

Mark Cruver

Mr. Cruver encourages the uniqueness of each student and aids in strengthening their ability to reach their educational goals. Through his company, Capstone Educational Consultants, families and students find the needed support and guidance to execute successful college applications.

By taking an avid interest in each student’s abilities, Mr. Cruver is able to learn detailed information about each individual and give them a keen “eye’s mind view” of the college choices that would best suit their needs. Unlike an educational advisor from a specific college, he is an independent educational consultant, so he serves as an impartial advisor. He advises which college would be the best match for the individual student to reach their full potential in their career goals.

Mark Cruver’s extensive education and great knowledge of the educational system affords him the ability to strategically provide solutions in the complex procedures of college enrollment. Families have returned to him for advice time and time again. Testimonials from his clients are proof that he provides a remarkably valued service to their children. “Mark is a valuable resource with my daughter’s application to college,” said a parent of a McIntosh High School student in 2014. “We will use him for my other two daughters.”


Mark Cruver – Three Tips for New Gardeners

Gardening can be a great way to relax. Mark Cruver is an educational professional and an avid gardener. He enjoys spending time outdoors. He is the owner of Capstone Educational Consultants, LLC. When he is not working with students, he enjoys spending time in his garden and learning about various plants and techniques. Gardening is a great hobby for individuals who enjoys spending time outdoors. If you are a new gardener, there are several ways you can improve your garden.

Mark Cruver
A great tip is to do extensive research before you begin planting. It can be helpful to know about your area’s growing season. It could also be helpful to learn about different plants that thrive in your environment, and which types of plants you should avoid. This could be an important step in planning your garden.

Once you have decided which types of flowers and other plants you want to work with, it could be helpful to talk to a gardening professional. While you purchase your plants at your local nursery, talk to a professional about which species can be planted next to each other, and which species should be separated.

Another good tip is to enjoy your garden. If you spend more time relaxing in your garden, you may be more motivated to take good care of it. A garden can be a great place to relax after a long day of work. Cruver always looks forward to spending some time in his garden.

Mark Cruver is a dedicated educational professional with a green thumb.

Mark Cruver – Are You Ready to Write Your College Essay?

Most colleges and universities require their student applicants to write and submit a personal essay. Mark Cruver is an independent educational consultant in Fayetteville, Georgia. He worked as a college admissions professional at Bryan College for ten years. He has a Master of Education from Azusa Pacific University and years of experience. He enjoys helping students learn how to write. A college essay is an important part of the college application process.

Mark Cruver
Mark Cruver

Before you begin writing your essay, it could be helpful to carefully review any guidelines the university offers. Many schools have a word count limit for their admission essays. They may also have parameters for the subject. Taking the time to review these guidelines can help you succeed.

You may also want to consider writing multiple essays. Some applicants choose to send the same essay to multiple universities. It can be helpful to write unique essays for every college application. It can be helpful to research the university in order to determine what tone your paper should have and what the subject matter should be.

It can also be helpful to talk to a college admission counselor before writing your paper. Your counselor may be able to give you some helpful tips. You can also ask your counselor to look over your essay after you finish writing it. This may help improve your application. Mark Cruver created an educational consultation firm. As an independent educational consultant, he provides students and their parents with the tools they need to successfully apply to colleges and universities.

Mark Cruver – Strike the Perfect Balance Between Your Work and Life

Mark Cruver works with many professionals on aspects of their lives they can improve to enjoy career success. One of the issues that many working professionals grapple with is finding a work-life balance. Technology has made people more accessible, but with this ease, more people find themselves taking work home. Job insecurity creates a need to work longer shifts, and the stress of a long day can make it difficult to find peace.

Mark Cruver (26)

Finding the right balance between work and life means different things to each individual, but the following tips can help you strike that balance.

Say no to perfectionism
In your younger years, striving towards a perfect outcome may have been reasonable because there weren’t many demands on your time. At such an age, it’s easier to work towards being perfect, but as you grow older, you have more responsibilities to think about. Perfectionism is no longer a goal. Presenting quality results should be.

Find time to unwind
From being able to work from home and having applications that make work simpler, technology has its advantages in the modern world. However, it’s also brought about the expectation that there’s really no off day. Constant email and other notifications make it seem like the day never ends.

If you find yourself thinking about work even when you shouldn’t, it’s time to unplug and find better ways of relaxing. Start by switching off the phone while with family, and engage more in outdoor or physical activity to get your mind off work.

Mark Cruver is a career and college consultant at Capstone Educational Consultants. He established the business in 2012 as a way to help the local community with its college application needs.

Mark Cruver – How to Motivate a Team

In any work setting, employees require motivation in order to work towards the accomplishment of corporate goals. While money is a good enough motivator, it’s not the only one. Career development professional Mark Cruver has interacted with many professionals who seek his expertise in finding out their strengths and limitations. Some of the motivating issues that people respond well to include the following:

Mark Cruver

Clear goals and objectives

When you are clear about what you want to accomplish, it’s much easier to make these objectives a priority and work towards achieving them. Individuals who know what is required of them can set smaller weekly goals that keep them motivated towards the bigger picture.

Leadership opportunities

Once in a while, let employees take the lead roles on projects. It communicates to them that they are valued. Additionally, give team members a chance to share their opinions in meetings and group settings. People are more motivated to share what they know when there’s a feeling of trust.

Public recognition

Taking the time to recognize and applaud an employee for work well done is a big confidence booster. The praise should be sincere and genuine, and can possibly take place in front of peers. While some people might be shy to the public praise, many individuals will appreciate that you noticed their efforts.

Self-development opportunities

Your team is more valuable to the company when you provide individuals with the opportunities to develop their skills. Provide the training they require to become more knowledgeable about their roles.

Mark Cruver is a certified practitioner of various personality and leadership programs, including DiSC® and Strong Interest Inventory®.

Mark Cruver – How to Nail Your College Essay

Mark Cruver, an independent educational consultant, has counseled many students on the college admissions process. Submitting a college essay is one of the requirements during this process, and it’s something that can help an admissions officer make a decision in favor of a student. The following tips show you how to make sure your college essay wows the admissions personnel.
Make it personal

Mark Cruver

Don’t worry too much about finding the perfect topic and focus more on making sure the reader gets to know the real you by the time they reach the last sentence. Let the topic grow more out of inner reflection, with the theme growing with each statement. Additionally, think about how the essay enhances the application as a whole by sharing information about yourself that is not mentioned elsewhere in the application.

Keep it brief and concise
As alluded to in the previous point, keep to what you know. The topic doesn’t have to be life changing or extreme. Keep it personal – what you know and the values that are important to you. Don’t be too plain, on the other hand. Let it be short and to the point. Admissions officers want some insight into you, so take enough time to prepare your essay. And don’t forget to proofread.

Your opportunity to shine
Many students have sleepless nights about the college essay, but you don’t have to. Try and keep to the required number of words. Going beyond demonstrates an inability to follow instructions, and many admissions officers have limited time reading the essays.

Mark Cruver is the founder of Capstone Educational Consultants. He is a member of the Higher Educational Consultants Association (HECA).