Mark Cruver – Provides Meritorious Guidance

Mark Cruver is founder of Capstone Educational Consultants. His support and guidance to families and their children in the education system is extremely meritorious. For ten years he served in the admissions department of Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee. This experience affords him the knowledge and expertise needed to successfully help students gain entrance into colleges that best suit their goals and future journeys in life.

Mark Cruver

Just as a young athlete values the input and guidance of a personal trainer, a college bound high school student puts great value on Mr. Cruver’s personalized and professional guidance in the college enrollment process. His guidance provides them with a distinct road map when they find themselves at a 4-way intersection in life. The best path to take at a crossing in life is not always the most obvious, and this is where his expertise and guidance comes into play.

He is able to turn on the light for students after administering assessment tests such as the Strong Interest Inventory, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and DiSC Profile. By expertly analyzing the results of these aforementioned tests, he is able to properly lead them in the right direction to the perfect matched career. The Do What You Are evaluation helps each student realize their own true destiny and what education goals should be set in motion.

Mark Cruver provides each potential college student with answers to their questions regarding the “how” the “why” and the “why not” of each college they are considering to attend.